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SpaIndex.Com: Guide to Day Spas and Stay Spas™ was established in 1998, as both a portfolio and an added benefit for spas and salons using our online marketing services.  Our spa directory quickly grew as an important component in its own right and showcases thousands of spa facilities in more than 30 countries.

We think we are the internet’s best online spa and wellness guide  because we strive to make it easy for our readers to find, choose and contact spa and wellness providers.

Because we don’t collect commissions or sell gift cards, we are not in business to “sell” to our readers and thus don’t need to limit our directory to resellers or participants in discount weeks or promotional periods.    On Spa Index, every week is Spa Week!

The Spa Index directory provides comprehensive and useful spa listings, with complete physical addresses, maps and driving directions, links to websites, Twitter and Facebook accounts, photo galleries and in some cases, videos. Our guide is arranged by geography, popular tags, specialty services, and more. We also promote the spa and wellness lifestyle by educating our readers concerning spa treatments, spa types and best practices.

For our spa owner members, our listing packages offer the best benefit package of any spa marketing group.  No other spa guide offers such thorough listing package for an all-inclusive annual listing fee, with no start up costs or commissions.



»Custom Geographic Listing (California, Utah, Texas, etc) with Local Schema and SEO
»Responsive design for laptops, smart phones, and tablets
»Photo Gallery with up to 6 total images or 1 large photo collage
»Map and Driving Directions
»Links to Website, Twitter and Facebook
»Star Ratings Features
»Text Overview
»Local Neighborhood Field
»Tags for Cities
»Field for Recent Awards (within 2 years)
»Tags for Relevant Special Interests (Medical Spa, Pet Friendly, Wedding Venue)
»Click and Rate Functionality (1 to 5 Stars)
»SpaDeal Coupon for New Guests (optional)
»Spotlight listings on qualifying specialty pages (pet friendly resorts, yoga retreats, etc)†
»Quarterly Search Engine Submission
»Complimentary Job Board Posts
»Complimentary New Client Coupon (optional)
»Complimentary posts to Event Calendar for Open House, Seminars and Holiday Events
»Updates by our staff
»Low Annual Rates, No Commissions, No Gift Cards
»Payment Plan Options
»YouTube Slide Show Feature available as an add-on cost
»See a slide show of these features



»All Basic Listing Features as described above
»PLUS additional Destination Spa page with extended text, photo gallery, and navigation
»PLUS spotlight listings on our specialty pages†
»PLUS priority placement in our blog, newsletter and email blasts
»PLUS priority placement in our annual Weight Loss and Destination Spa Featured Lists
»PLUS complimentary YouTube Slide Show with up to 20 images and Music Track
»See a slide show of these features





†In addition to our geographic categories, we also have special interest categories such as Pet Friendly Resorts, Bed and Breakfast Inns, Yoga Retreats, Green and Eco Friendly Spas, Black Owned Spas, and more.   Our premium specialty categories (for Destination Spa and Premium Members) include Weight Loss Spas, Detox Spas, Destination Spas, and Stop Smoking Spas.   If your spa qualifies for a special interest category, an excerpt of your listing will be included on the Special Interest page consistent with and appropriate for your package level.